Question: What Can I Live Without?

Can a person live without love?

Originally Answered: How can you live without love.


Self-love is really all there is.

You see every single thing in existence is being created by you at all times..

Whats the one thing you Cannot leave home without?

5 Things You Should Never Leave The House Without. Your wallet should contain your ID, a card with emergency contact numbers (phones can die and it gives EMS workers someone to call on your behalf), and medical insurance card.

What are two things that cant live without each other?

There are so many such things which can’t exist without each other:Just like matter can’t exist without anti-matter.In spirituality, Yin and Yang.Coldness can’t be there without hotness.Teachers without student.Poor without rich.Happiness without pain.Also without darkness we can’t discern light.

Can you die from no love?

A new study suggests the condition can occur following severe trauma. The phenomenon occurs when someone experiences a trauma they feel they cannot escape, making death seem like their only option. …

What are the things we can live without?

When you get right down to it, there are just two basic things that humans can’t live without: water and food. Providing one of those (We can’t live without water!) is what the Soquel Creek Water District is all about! Water is the most precious of our natural resources, critical for our survival and growing our food.

What are 5 things you can’t live without?

5 Things I Cannot Live WithoutHope. By hope, I mean: … Beauty. By beauty, I don’t just mean sculptures and paintings. … Music. Music is a language, a worldview, a way I make sense of and interpret and understand and address the world that I live in. … The Word of God. … Love.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

The needs listed by Maslow, starting from the basic, are physiological, love and belongingness, esteem, cognitive, and finally the need for self-actualization. Family, work, and friends are the most important for me that I can’t live without….Kakashi2020Faith in God.Family.Passion.Jan 25, 2018

What can I not live without essay?

The five things I can not live without are friend, food, money, my smart phone, my computer, and modes of transport The first thing is friend because if I am bored, I can find my fiends to play with, and accompany with me. If I have difficulties, I can find my friends to help.

Can you be happy without love?

Romantic relationships are not at all necessary to lead a happy life. While some people may find them fulfilling, others are much happier living on their own. … Happiness is different for everyone, so take a good look at yourself and decide what it is that fulfills you.

What are 6 things you could never live without?

The six things I could never do without (written summer 2010)Intellectual stimulation.Creative expression.Regular access to bathing, with hot water.Back scratches.Affection/cuddling/touching.Sexual intimacy.Oct 21, 2014

What are the 10 things you can’t live without?

Now, new research came out revealing the top things in life men and women can’t live without….Toothbrush (49.9%)Bed (49.7%)Shampoo (45.1%)My Partner (42.8%)Television (36.3%)Friends (36.1%)Tea (33.6%)A Good Book (33.2%)More items…•Aug 12, 2015

What 3 things do you need to live?

Need is something that is necessary to live, things like clean air, water, food and shelter. There are also many other needs that people require in order to live peacefully, things like security, freedom, respect, and love.

Is it OK to be alone forever?

Even if you are romantically alone, no one can ever truly be alone forever. Unless their mind makes them believe they are. “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” You can have a thriving social life with a close-knit circle of friends who love you and have your back.

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