Question: What’S Another Word For Isolation?

What is another word for lonely?

Some common synonyms of lonely are alone, desolate, forlorn, lonesome, lone, and solitary..

What is social isolation?

Social isolation is a lack of social connections. Social isolation can lead to loneliness in some people, while others can feel lonely without being socially isolated.

What is another word for self isolation?

What is another word for isolating oneself?sequesteringisolatingsecluding oneselfsecretingcloseting oneselfcutting oneself offhiding oneself awayremoving oneselfsegregating oneselfsetting oneself apart11 more rows

Which word is similar in meaning to the word isolated?

solitary, lonely, companionless, unaccompanied, by oneself, on one’s own, alone, all alone, friendless. secluded, cloistered, sequestered, segregated. protected, cocooned, sheltered, insulated, immune. antisocial, unsociable, withdrawn, reclusive, introverted, hermitic. North American lonesome.

How do you describe isolation?

Isolation is the experience of being separated from others. It may result from being physically separated from others, such as when a person lives in a remote area. Isolation can also result from being emotionally removed from a community. (The separation could be real or perceived.)

What is an antonym for isolation?

isolation. Antonyms: organization, co-membership, community, connection, concatenation, continuity. Synonyms: segregation, detachment, disconnection, insularity, self-containedness.

Whats the opposite of isolated?

Antonyms: continual, joint, connected, accompanied, integrated. Synonyms: degage, uninvolved, detached, separated, apart(p), uncaring, stranded, stray, marooned, set-apart, free, dislocated, quarantined, spaced, disjointed, obscure, disjunct, unaffectionate. disjunct, isolated(adj)

What’s the definition of loneliness?

Loneliness is defined by researchers as feeling lonely more than once a week. 1 Loneliness causes people to feel empty, alone, and unwanted. People who are lonely often crave human contact, but their state of mind makes it more difficult to form connections with other people.

How do you describe a lonely person?

Feeling lost, having no sense of direction Very interestingly, lonely individuals described a feeling of being lost, and not knowing where they are going. Other metaphorical words include things like darkness, night, blinded, drowning, clueless, and lack of meaning.

What is the synonyms of isolation?


What does antonym mean?

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad. Other Words from antonym Some Differences Between Synonyms and Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about antonym.

What is the antonym of alone?

What is the opposite of alone?alongtogetherwithaccompaniedin company

What is the opposite of self isolation?

Opposite of the state of being secluded or shut out, as from company, society, the world, etc….What is the opposite of isolation?companycompanionshipclosenessintimacy7 more rows

What is an example of isolation?

The definition of isolation is the state of being alone or away from others. An example of isolation is a prisoner in solitary confinement. The act of isolating.

What is the word quarantine mean?

: the period of time during which a person or animal that has a disease or that might have a disease is kept away from others to prevent the disease from spreading. : the situation of being kept away from others to prevent a disease from spreading. quarantine.

What are 4 types of isolation?

According to the CDC, the three standard categories of transmission-based precautions include contact isolation, droplet isolation, and airborne isolation.Standard Precautions. … Contact Isolation. … Droplet Isolation. … Airborne Isolation.Mar 10, 2020

How do you use the word isolation?

Isolation sentence example. This was a vacation, not an isolation camp. I love the isolation of my mountain retreat. Sometimes, it is true, a sense of isolation enfolds me like a cold mist as I sit alone and wait at life’s shut gate.