Quick Answer: What Courier Does 02 Use?

How do I speak to an O2 advisor?

Yes you can, once logged into My Account, Live chat is available from the bottom of the My Account home page.

Just click on the ‘chat now’ button to start the conversation.

Live chat is the quickest way to get in touch.

It’s an online conversation with someone from O2..

What happens if you miss a DPD delivery?

If you don’t call DPD, they’ll try to deliver your order on the next working day. If you’re not there again, it’ll try again for a third time on the next working day after that. If you still weren’t able to receive your order after the third attempt, DPD will hold on to it for seven days.

What days do DPD deliver Ireland?

We deliver parcels to all parts of Ireland on Saturdays. It is key that you specify that these are to be delivered on Saturday when you request your collection, and use Saturday delivery labels also. To view PODs you need to log-in on the MyDPD section on www.dpd.ie.

What time does O2 customer service?

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pmIf you have any questions about your policy, please call Customer Service: 0844 463 02 02. Lines open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm….For any other Pay As You Go questions, check our Pay As You Go help articles.Customer ServiceNumberChargesFrom your O2 mobile4445Free2 more rows

How many days does standard delivery take?

Standard shipping time in the US generally takes anywhere between 3-5 business days, depending on where you’re sending to.

Can O2 block my iPhone?

If your device has been lost or stolen, we’re available 24 hours a day to help. We can block your device, and send you a new sim with your existing number. If your device has been stolen, you need to let us and the police know within 24 hours.

What numbers are free on O2 contract?

Freephone numbers beginning 0800 or 0808 (most are already free from landlines), will also be free to call from mobiles starting from 1 July 2015. After that date, you won’t be charged for calling any number starting 0800 or 0808 from your O2 phone and they won’t appear on your bill.

Can I pick my parcel up from DPD Depot?

You’re spoilt for choice! You can change the delivery date, arrange to leave your parcel somewhere safe at the delivery address, deliver it to your neighbour, drop it off at your local shop, or come to the depot to pick it up.

How long does DPD take to deliver?

1-2 working daysHow long does DPD take to deliver? DPD delivery takes 1-2 working days for UK deliveries and as little as 2-4 working days for international destinations*, such as the USA. For UK delivery in 1-2 working days choose DPD PickUP and drop off your parcel at your nearest DPD PickUP shop.

Can I track my O2 phone?

Using location data to find your phone If you lose your phone, the location data can help to find it. You can download apps like Find My iPhone that let you track your phone’s location online, with options to remotely lock it, make it sound an alarm or erase all of the data.

How do I keep my number when switching to O2?

If you decide to switch to another network, you’ll need to request a PAC code if you want to keep your phone number, or a STAC code if you’d like a new number. You can request your code by giving us a call on 202, signing in to My O2, or: Texting PAC to 65075, for free, if you want to keep your phone number.

How do I speak to a person at 02?

Welcome to the O2 Community Call 202, option 2 immediate zero immediately.

What time does O2 usually deliver?

Mainland UK Saturday delivery (before midday) to non-remote locations. £8.99. Order before 8pm (or if Friday is a Bank Holiday, order before 7pm on Thursday)….Premium delivery times.DeliveryPhones and tabletsMonday to FridaySunday delivery (9am-5pm) to non – remote locations.£6.99. Order before 7.30pm on Friday.12 more rows

How do I know if my O2 order has been accepted?

If you have received the T&C then you have been accepted. Keep a look out on My02 & you should see when the device has been dispatched. If the device was in stock at the time of ordering & you havent heard or seen anything then give Customer service a call on 202 or if you are not already on 02 its 03448090202.

How many parcels do DPD deliver a day?

4 million parcelsInternational delivery Around 4 million parcels are delivered every day.

Will O2 give me a replacement phone?

Phones are personal. Because they’re no longer just our phones. They’re our cameras. … If your phone gets damaged, lost or stolen, you can use O2 Insure next day exchange or replacement service*.

Is Saturday a working day DPD?

Do DPD deliver on Saturdays? Yes.

Are DPD still collecting parcels?

As part of the DPD group, DPD Local Online has access to a vast range of ground and air networks, meaning that not only can we collect your parcel and delivery within the UK, we can also deliver to Europe and the rest of the world, reaching over 200 countries.

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