Quick Answer: What Was Ranga’S Father Profession?

How much did the doctor charge from Albert?

The doctor agreed to certify that Albert had a nervous breakdown, and he must stay away from school for six months.

The doctor didn’t charge any fee for his service.

Six months was a pretty long period.

Albert won’t be leaving the school, and need be, he could come back to do his diploma..

Who said we are sinking?

Explanation: This question is from the chapter We aren’t Afraid to Die… If We Can All be Together by Gordon Cook and Alan East. Mary shouted this sentence after the Wavewalker had been hit hard by the gigantic wave; the boat had been flooded with water.

Who is Rangas father?

rama raoAnswer. Answer: ans : rama rao was the name of ranga’s father.

Why does the narrator call the couple childish?

Because Once the narrator was invited to Ranga son’s birthday. When the narrator reached Ranga’s, he got to know that Ranga had named his son after the narrator’s name. Besides, he noticed that Ratna was once again pregnant at such a tender age. Having seen both of the things, he called them a childish couple.

Who was the right girl for Ranga?

RatnaThe right girl for Ranga was Ratna, the niece of Rama Rao, according to the narrator.

Who was Ranga?

Ranga was a young man who was considered special as he was the first one from Hosahalli to be sent to Bangalore for studying. Despite his education in the city, he showed respect for the elders.

How was Ranga’s marriage arranged?

Answer. In the past, marriages in India were usually arranged by parents/relatives. The story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’ shows how the narrator arranges Ranga’s marriage with the help of the astrologer. After independence, certain changes have come in the economic and social set-up of the Indian society.

Who was Ratna’s uncle *?

Rama RaoRama Rao is Ratna’s uncle.

Why did Ranga name his child Shyama?

Ranga and Ratna named their child ‘Shyama’ because they admire narrator as he’s the one because of whom they both met and got married Also, it’s the western trend to name child after someone they admire. Also, they want to give tribute to the narrator.

Who was Ranga wife?

Chennupati Ratna KumariMohana Ranga was married to Chennupati Ratna Kumari; they had a son Radha Krishna Rao Jr., named after Ranga’s brother Vangaveeti Radha Krishna Rao Sr., and a daughter, Vangaveeti Asha.

Why is rain compared to music?

Answer: During the rainfall, the raindrops create the sounds when it reaches the ground. … The thundering and sparkling during rain make a special sound. All these things make the author compares the raining sound to the music.

Why did Ranga fall in love with Ratna?

His father wanted t play a plot with the help of the astrologer Shyama. He made Ratna to come to their house for buttermilk. While Ranga was entering the house, they made Ratna to sing a song. Mesmerised by the voice and beauty of Ratna, Ranga fell in love with her at first sight.