Quick Answer: Who Was Ranga Class 11?

How did the old lady satisfy herself about Ranga?

Answer: The old lady ran her hand over Ranga’s chest and looked into his eyes.

She was satisfied to find the sacred thread still on him.

The illiterate lady did not understand the word and on being asked to come the next day, went away disgruntled..

Why was Ranga reluctant married?

Why was Ranga reluctant to get married?? Ranga did not want to get married because he wanted a bride appropriate for his age and one whom he admired. … Moreover, the arranged marriage system in his society was again a hurdle as he desired to first fall in love with the woman and then marry her.

What is the summary of Ranga’s marriage?

Ranga’s Marriage, by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, is a story about a boy who returns to his village after receiving education in English medium from Bangalore. The boy is the son of the accountant of the village. They live in the village Hoshali in Mysore.

Who was Ranga’s father?

Rama RaoSince Rama Rao was the father of Ranga and uncle of Ratna therefore Ratna and Ranga will be relatives .

What was special about Ranga?

ranga was a accountant son who was first go to abroad for their study . everyone is excited to saw ranga weather he changed or not . his speciality is he was very shy person who did not want to marry with little girl like other .

How much did the doctor charge from Albert?

The doctor agreed to certify that Albert had a nervous breakdown, and he must stay away from school for six months. The doctor didn’t charge any fee for his service. Six months was a pretty long period. Albert won’t be leaving the school, and need be, he could come back to do his diploma.

Why does the narrator find Ranga to be a perfect bride for Ranga?

He considered Ratna to be the perfect bride because she was a pretty girl of eleven, she was from a big town and she knew how to play the veena and the harmonium. She also had a sweet voice. Both her parents had died, and hence, the narrator felt Ranga would be the perfect partner for her.

Who was Rama Rao Rangas marriage?

Rama Rao is the father of Ranga, the protagonist of the story, “Ranga’s Marriage”, by Maasthi Venkatesha Iyenger.

Who was Ratna’s uncle *?

Rama RaoRama Rao is Ratna’s uncle.

Why did Ranga fall in love with Ratna?

His father wanted t play a plot with the help of the astrologer Shyama. He made Ratna to come to their house for buttermilk. While Ranga was entering the house, they made Ratna to sing a song. Mesmerised by the voice and beauty of Ratna, Ranga fell in love with her at first sight.

Who was the right girl for Ranga?

RatnaThe right girl for Ranga was Ratna, the niece of Rama Rao, according to the narrator.

What question does the poet ask the rain?

Answer: In the poem ‘The Voice of the Rain’ by Walt Whitman, the poet asked the rain “And who art thou?” meaning “Who are you?”. He asked the rain to give its introduction and identity because he wanted to know its origin and the purpose that it served in the world.

What were Ranga?

Ranga blieved that a man could not love a young girl because she would not be able to understand the man whom she has married.

Why does the narrator call the couple childish?

Because Once the narrator was invited to Ranga son’s birthday. When the narrator reached Ranga’s, he got to know that Ranga had named his son after the narrator’s name. Besides, he noticed that Ratna was once again pregnant at such a tender age. Having seen both of the things, he called them a childish couple.

How did the narrator bring Ranga and Ratna face to face?

The narrator brought Ratna and Ranga face to face at his own house. He roused the boy’s interest in the girl. He declared that the girl was already married.

How does the writer show that Ranga was not affected by his English education?

Answer. Answer: The author makes the readers aware of the fact that we are losing local dialects in our journey of getting educated in English. The author tells that today every street of their village has an English-speaking person unlike when they had no person who could speak English ten years ago.

Who said we are sinking?

Explanation: This question is from the chapter We aren’t Afraid to Die… If We Can All be Together by Gordon Cook and Alan East. Mary shouted this sentence after the Wavewalker had been hit hard by the gigantic wave; the boat had been flooded with water.

How does Ranga impressed the narrator?

The narrator, Shyama met Ranga after 6 months because he had been studying in Bangalore. Shyama was impressed after talking to him because he had not forgotten the basic edicate and manners as Ranga greeted him by doing namaskara and also touched his feet. Secondly, Ranga was still wearing the janewara on his chest.

What was the name of Rangas child?

son ShyamaRanga named his son Shyama, after the narrator. He did this, as his way of honouring the narrator, and thanking him for introducing him to Ratna. Ranga’s son name was Shyama. He was named so becoz of The English customof naming the child after someone you like…..

Who was Ranga and Ratna?

Answer: Ratna was the neice of Rama Rao who had come to stay with him. She was a beautiful girl of eleven. The narrator thought that she would be the perfect bride for Ranga.So,he should devise a plan to let them get married.

Why did Ranga name his child Shyama?

Ranga and Ratna named their child ‘Shyama’ because they admire narrator as he’s the one because of whom they both met and got married Also, it’s the western trend to name child after someone they admire. Also, they want to give tribute to the narrator.