Quick Answer: Why Is There An R In February?

Why do we pronounce colonel with an R?

The French also took this word from the Italians.

But when they added it to their language, they changed the word “colonnelo” to “coronel.” Language experts say this is because the French wanted to have the “r” sound in the word, instead of the two “l” sounds.

Colonel was spelled c-o-l-o-n-e-l but pronounced “kernel.”.

How do you spell December?

Correct spelling for the English word “december” is [dɪsˈɛmbə], [dɪsˈɛmbə], [d_ɪ_s_ˈɛ_m_b_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Should you pronounce the L in Almond?

A: The “l” in “almond” was silent until very recently. … More recent standard dictionaries say we can now properly pronounce “almond” either with or without the “l” sound.

Why is February spelled with an R?

Have you ever wondered why February has that random, silent first r? Well, February, like the names of most months, has Latin roots. It descended from Februarius, a month in the ancient Roman calendar. The name actually comes from the festival of februum, a purification ritual celebrated during the month.

How are you supposed to pronounce February?

In the United States, the most common pronunciation is feb-yoo-air-ee. Both Merriam-Webster and American Heritage dictionaries consider the common pronunciation correct, along with the less common, more traditional standard feb-roo-air-ee.

Why K is silent in know?

The ‘k’ in English is traditionally a hard-sounding vowel ‘cah’ or ‘kah’, especially when it’s at the end of a word: back, for instance. … Know’ is interesting, because even though the ‘k’ is silent (we don’t say ‘cah-noh’), it is not pronounced the same way as ‘now’. ‘Know’ = noh. ‘Now’ = naow.

What is the hardest word to pronounce in English?

The Most Difficult English Word To PronounceColonel.Penguin.Sixth.Isthmus.Anemone.Squirrel.Choir.Worcestershire.More items…•Oct 26, 2018

What does February mean?

February comes from the Latin word februa, which means “to cleanse.” The month was named after the Roman Februalia, which was a month-long festival of purification and atonement that took place this time of year.

How many days are in February?

2829February/Number of days

Is the D silent in Wednesday?

There is a silent “d” in the word “Wednesday” .

Why don’t people pronounce the r in February?

The loss of the first “r” in the pronunciation of February is (in part) the result of a process called dissimilation (or haplology), where one of two similar sounds in a word is sometimes changed or dropped to avoid the repetition of that sound. (A similar process sometimes occurs with the pronunciation of library.)

How do the British say February?

On the other side of the Atlantic, the situation is reversed—most people in the UK say “feb-roo-ary”. However, most major dictionaries, both American and British, now list “feb-yoo-ary” as an acceptable variant, so it’s more a matter of personal preference than correctness.

Is the R silent in turmeric?

As it happens, you can correctly pronounce “turmeric” either with or without sounding that first “r”: TUR-mer-ik or TOO-mer-ik. … gives both as standard pronunciations.

Why Wednesday is spelled that way?

Because it’s based on the name of a deity from Germanic/Norse mythology, Odin , also spelled Woden. In other words, Wednesday is an altered writing for Woden’s day.

How do British people say January?

Traditional IPA: ˈʤænjəriː 3 syllables: “JAN” + “yuh” + “ree”

Is Colonel a high rank?

Colonel, the highest field-grade officer, ranking just below the general officer grades in most armies or below brigadier in the British services. A colonel was traditionally the commanding officer of a regiment or brigade.

Does anyone pronounce the r in February?

The r in February has been dropped so that it is almost always pronounced Febuary–without the r. Perhaps this is because placing the r sound in the word makes it slightly more difficult to pronounce, and since laziness tends to get the upper hand when we speak, Febuary has become the common pronunciation.

How do British pronounce Wednesday?

Originally Answered: How do the British say “Wednesday”? It’s pronounced as Whens-day. It’s a modern English corruption of Wōdnesdæg – the day of Odin also known as Woden.

Why do we say Wednesday wrong?

“Wednesday” was originally “Wōdnesdæg”, pronounced “WODE-nez-dye”; by Shakespeare’s time the “o” had changed to an “e” giving “Wednesdei” or “Wednesday”, but still pronounced with three syllables. In Shakespeare’s day, people spelled words in whatever way they saw fit, but a little later the spellings became fixed.

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