What Can’T You Post In Australia?

What’s the cheapest way to send a parcel to Australia?

Economy courier to Australia DPD Pickup Classic is one of the cheapest ways to send a parcel to Australia from the UK and takes 4-7 working days.

This is ideal for parcels up to 20kg and for a small extra cost, this service can also be booked as a courier collection..

Can I take a wooden picture frame to Australia?

Most wooden frames are fine. It won’t be confiscated but you will need to declare it.

Can I send coffee to Australia?

Kopi Luwak/Civet coffee, including whole beans, ground or for instant use, is allowed into Australia if: the beans, or the beans from which the product is made, have been roasted. the product is commercially prepared and packaged. … the product is for the personal consumption of the person wishing to import it.

How do I send perfume to Australia?

Packing your shipment safelyUse combination packaging. Keep perfumes in secure rows with inner packaging before placing them in robust outer packaging.Don’t ship without a lid. Ensure that each item has a cap or some form of protection against accidental leakage.Fill any empty spaces.

Can you send prescription medication in the post?

Medicines must be securely closed and placed in a sealed polythene bag (for liquids) or a siftproof container (for solids). Must be tightly packed in strong outer packaging and cushioned to prevent breakage. Sender’s name and address must be visible on the parcel.

Can I mail a bottle of wine?

Mailing wine as a gift isn’t technically legal anywhere in the United States, as it’s illegal to send alcohol in any form through the U.S. mail. The USPS prohibits the mailing of alcohol, either domestically or to foreign countries. Wine must be shipped through commercial carriers.

Can I send wooden items to Australia?

All wooden, bamboo and related articles entering Australia must be declared to a departmental officer on arrival, whether or not you believe you have complied with all import conditions. How you import the item will determine how you declare it.

Can I send deodorant to Australia?

Aerosols for toiletry or medicinal purposes (including deodorants, body sprays, hair sprays, shaving and hair removal creams and medicinal aerosols for prevention or cure such as flea sprays). … Aerosols must be tightly packed in strong outer packaging and must be secured or cushioned to prevent any damage.

Can I send medicine to Australia?

Prescription medication can be imported under a traveller exemption, provided that: you are arriving in Australia as a passenger on board a ship or aircraft. the medicine is carried in your accompanied baggage.

Is it illegal to mail a human?

It is illegal to ship a person, so don’t even try! That includes shipping yourself, too. Neither the US Postal Service, FedEx, nor UPS allow for “human mail,” and neither do any smaller regional carriers. Although…you can ship someone’s organs if they’re an organ donor, but that’s another story.

While it’s illegal to harass others by sending them poop, it’s entirely legal to get poop shipped to someone (or even to yourself) for entertainment or gag purposes. … So if you decide to mail poop to someone, consider your intent before your criminal record hits the fan.

What can’t you post in Australia?

Prohibited and Restricted Items when Sending to AustraliaAny shipment that is from, or travelled through, Somalia, Egypt or Bangladesh.Meat products of any description.Paintball guns and paintballs.Shipments that are multiple packages from multiple suppliers amalgamated into a single shipment.More items…

What food items can I send to Australia?

What Food Can I Send to Australia?Store bought foods in the manufacturer’s original unopened packaging.Food that has food labels that list all ingredients.The expiry date has more than 6 months from the date of shipping.There’s no alcohol, dairy, meat, poultry, fish or seafood ingrediants.No homemade food.Dec 3, 2015

Can I send a parcel to Australia?

If you’re looking for urgent shipping to Australia, our expert couriers including DPD and Parcelforce can ensure parcel delivery to Australia from 1-4 days.

What is illegal to import into Australia?

Prohibited goods Anabolic or androgenic substances. Drugs, Medicines and Therapeutic Substances. … Anabolic and androgenic substances, also known as steroids, are prohibited from import into Australia.

Can I post alcohol to Australia?

Goods with a value of AUD1000 or less Goods that arrive by mail and have a declared or assessed value of AUD1000 or less, there are generally no duties, taxes or charges at the border, unless they are alcoholic beverages. … Once cleared by us and Agriculture, these goods will be delivered to you by Australia Post.

Can I send a mobile phone through the post?

They’re not the easiest to digest but put simply you can send a mobile phone with no problems whatsoever as long as the battery is contained within or sent with the mobile phone itself and it’s well packaged. … The maximum net quantity of cells or batteries is 5kg per package.

What items Cannot be sent by post?

Full list of prohibited items:Acetone.Aerosols of any kind including saline solution and cosmetics.Aluminium chloride.Antiques.Arsenic.Asbestos.Batteries including lithium-ion batteries, sent individually or as part of an electric device.Benzene.More items…

What can you not send in the mail?

These items may not be sent in U.S. mail:Air Bags.Ammunition.Explosives.Gasoline.Marijuana (medical or otherwise)

Can you post food to Australia?

Yes you can send chocolate and other foods to Australia! A quick indicator into whether something is likely to be allowed is if they fall within Chocolate and sweets, Biscuits, Tinned goods and Spreads and preservatives.

What Cannot be mailed to Canada?

Coins; banknotes; currency notes, including paper money; securities of any kind payable to bearer; traveler’s checks; platinum, gold, and silver; precious stones; jewelry; watches; and other valuable articles are prohibited in Priority Mail Express International shipments to Canada.